Follow on sessions

You have completed the 5-week course in infant massage, you’ve enjoyed it and seen the benefits.  You will miss the quiet time you’ve shared with your baby, just the two of you.

Well why not keep on coming?

Yes that’s right, you can continue with our weekly classes.  Each week we run through the full body routine and will be adding in some exciting new Story Massages.  It is a follow on class where you can come when you wish too.  You will need to book.

I remember when massaging my eldest child I would go along every week from 2 weeks until he was 13 months old (to be honest I only stopped as was 8 months pregnant and struggled to get up and down to the floor!!!) he loved our sessions and so did I.  It is so easy to get distracted from what we plan to do and I for one was guilty of this.  Our weekly classes are there for you to continue massage for both of your benefits.

If you would like to join us for the weekly session, please do get in touch and get your place.

Look forward to seeing you all again.




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