Welcome 2017

Happy New Year to you all.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your little bundles of loveliness.  My Christmas period was super busy but we managed to get some much needed family chilled time after.

So now that the New Year has begun I’m back into working mode again!  Two new courses of baby massage starting this month, one is already fully booked and the second half full.  What better way could there be to start the new year, especially whilst it is so cold. Learning the art of baby massage for both you and your babies.

Some of the many benefits are

  • promotes bonding and secure attachment
  • more confident in understanding communication
  • quality time
  • stimulation of digestive and respiratory system among others
  • help relieve colic, constipation and wind
  • help improve sleep patterns
  • calming for both baby and parent
  • reduced stress levels

If you would like more details or to book a space please message me.

Enjoy your new year xbaby-feet-402844_640




2 thoughts on “Welcome 2017

  1. Hi
    I am based in Exmouth and really interested in joining a local baby massage class for my baby Penelope who’s currently 5 1/2 weeks old.
    Please can you let me know where, when and how much your classes are as we would love to join in.
    Many thanks,
    Emma & Penny

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