London 12th – 14th Novemeber 2015

After a successful journey to London ( I was very apprehensive about going on the tube!) I made it to my hotel and settled in.  Thought I would have a wander about the area and found myself looking round the shops at St Pancreas.  Glad I did as I found Searceys Champagne bar!! Is 3pm too early for a glass of bubbly? Never I heard a voice in my head say so off I went!IMG_20151112_233323 (2)On Friday I spent the day learning about Preterm babies and being on the Neonatal ward with the wonderful and inspirational Cherry Bond.  I met some lovely ladies and thoroughly enjoyed the whole days course.  Although it was a long day and there was a massive amount of information to take in I came away so much from it including a new addition!

20151114_195616Went out for dinner with some new friends which was a great evening.  Saturday morning saw an early start. Study day with the International Association of Infant Massage ( IAIM ).  An amazing, although a little emotional, talk by Sue Ranger called ‘Talking and Touch : The importance of Interaction in Healthy Infant Development’  followed by a lovely lunch.  ( NCVO provide great lunches! ) We had a stroke refresher session.  I joined in Suzanne Adamsons session and was wonderful to see how other CIMI’s do things and remind myself to SLOW it down still!! A discussion and networking session followed before we did Ami Tomake and aid our goodbyes.  A walk to the tube station and I made it to Paddington!! A long wait for my train and we set off home on time.  A long day and I was glad to get home to my 3 gorgeous children who I had missed so much.  A fabulous couple of days and I look forward to next years study day and catching up with new friends.


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